Full frame of hardwood floor

An Gia


healthy foods kitchen

relaxing corner

open hours: 10 am - 9 pm

A piece of peace ...

Our space has only a few seats,

decorating as if stillness was its nature,

and offering a small collection of books and vintage objects.

This is a rustic place for simple souls.

Welcoming customers with our humble menu

of healthy foods and nutrious drinks prepared with love.

Our cooking inspired by the philosophy of

The Slow Food Movement

There are three main principles as guidelines in our kitchen:

- GOOD: Refer to the quality of each food dish.

- CLEAN: Concern about our community and environment.

- FAIR: Consider paying back to the producers, especially the small local producers.

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Cute Dog Illustration

Come and Relax !

Address: 93 - Lac Long Quan - Cam An - Hoi An

Tel: 0989501400

Email: angiacottage@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/angiacottage

Instagram: instagram.com/angiacottage/

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